Laser Tattoo Removal

Topluluk Tarafından Doğrulandı simgesi

Tattoos are no longer considered permanent or irreversible designs and markings that are ingrained into the skin. Thanks to dermatological operations performed using different techniques, unwanted tattoos can be successfully removed in safe ways. The laser beams used during the erasing process reach the pigments where the tattoo inks are located under the skin, allowing them to break down and be excreted from the body over time.

Considerations Regarding Tattoo Removal

 The first and most important step that the person who decides to have tattoo removal should take; Finding the right doctor. It is useful to choose someone who is qualified to perform tattoo removal procedures. Before starting the deletion process, it is necessary to give information about why it is desired to be carried out and expectations. It should be ensured that the removal process is planned individually according to the type of each tattoo and the skin characteristics of the tattoo owner. The duration of tattoo removal can vary from 4 to 10 weeks. Tattoo removal should not be equated with serious diseases such as pigmentation problem, innate immune disease, active acne, warts, variable diabetes, rosacea or other lesions. It is useful to remember to ask the doctor about the risks that may occur during the deletion process. Performing this procedure in unhealthy conditions can lead to infections, serious complications and even death. The presence of any infection should be reported to the doctor and should not be ignored. The treatment can be carried out in any season, provided that it is protected from the sun.