Project Description

What should be known before starting acne treatment?
Acne is a treatable condition; However, not all acne is treated in the same way. For this reason, it is most appropriate toplan and monitor acne treatment by a dermatologist. The type and duration of treatment is determined according to the severity and prevalence of acne, considering the general health status of the person. The treatment of acne does not end in a short time like 1–2 weeks; It should be accepted from the beginning that it will be long-term. The primary goal of treatment is to remove the lesions without leaving any permanent scars. Our alternatives in acne treatment are quite wide and they vary according to the severity of the disease, the area of ​​involvement, age and preference.

What are the drugs and methods used in the treatment of acne?
Antibiotics taken by mouth or by application, hormonal drugs such as birth control pills and vitamin A derivative drugs taken by application or by mouth are used in the treatment. In addition, laser treatments and peelings are also effective in treatment. According to the type of acne, In addition to these treatments, if deemed appropriate by the doctor, some skin care applications, blackhead removal at certain times, evacuation of cysts, LED light therapy and laser treatments on scars can be applied as complementary treatment options.

What are the laser and light systems used in acne treatment? What is the number and frequency of sessions?
Short and long wavelength Nd:YAG lasers and IPL can be used in acne treatment. It reduces inflammation in the tissue with its controlled heating effect in active, red pimples. By reaching a certain depth under the skin, it destroys the sebaceous glands, which are the main cause of acne. Thus, it also reduces the formation of new acne in the long term. It also stimulates the production of collagen under the skin and reduces acne scars.

Nd:YAG laser applications are performed with 1-2 week intervals, IPL treatment is performed with 4-6 sessions with 2-4 week intervals. The duration of treatment is 15-20 minutes, and it is completely painless. With the increasing effect in each session, a visible improvement is achieved at the end of the treatment. It has no side effects.

Q-switched Nd:YAG laser can also be used to achieve blackhead, pore reduction and sebum balance. Depending on the condition of the person’s acne lesions, it can be applied in addition to other laser treatments during the session, if needed.

In addition, Omega Light technology, which is an application based on LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology, which is one of the developments that has come to the fore in recent years among anti-aging applications aimed at slowing down skin aging, prevents acne formation and at the same time prevents the formation of acne with blue light without ultraviolet rays. You can achieve a healthier, younger, and radiant skin. Omega Light rays, which do not have any side effects, destroy the bacteria that cause acne and improve acne symptoms.

What is Acnelan treatment?
Acnelan is a new system that offers an applicable solution to mild and moderate acne problems with a mask, with its intense professional method and simultaneous use of home care. In this system, active ingredients for many factors that cause acne are combined.

The innovative patented acne forms the core of the formula. It is a unique combination of active ingredients with complementary and synergistic effects to combat different factors that cause acne. It contains sodium lepargilate, mandelic acid, shikimic acid and other components, including M.acne complex.

The mechanism of action of this system, which provides the cleaning of acne lesions, opening and cleaning the pores,
anti-inflammatory effect, stopping the growth of bacteria and increasing the degree of penetration of other factors.

What are the advantages of Acnelan treatment?
– It is a topical treatment system designed for effective, comfortable, and rapid control of acne symptoms and
– Meeting the unmet needs of acne patients,
– Controlling the causes and symptoms of acne,
– Eliminating acne from the first session and preventing its continuation,
– It cleans clogged pores deeply, removes roughness and improves skin texture.
– How many sessions of Acnelan treatment should be done?
– The treatment consists of 3 sessions. 5-6 sessions can be done for stubborn acne. An interval of 15 to 21 days
between sessions is ideal.

Are there any side effects of Acnelan treatment?
The skin of the patients begins to peel off within a few days. If this peeling is well