Project Description

BBL Forever Young

Number of Sessions

2 -6

Application Time

15-60 min

Preserving the Outcome

Depends on the Treatment

Sensitivity period

2 Day

Return to Work



Not recommended to have during Summer

Revolution in Skin Renewal!

It is a special FDA-approved light source for skin rejuvenation and genetic regeneration. BBL Hero Full Body, which gives light between 420 – 1400 nm, is effective against acne, freckles, and deeper spots than rosacea. It is possible to achieve results in a very short time with BBL Hero Full Body technology, which can be applied regardless of age. BBL Hero Full Body technology, which can perform operations on all parts of the body such as neck, chest, arms, back and legs, is
painless and does not need anesthesia. It maintains its permanence for a long time.

Before & after

The device used in the treatment sends light energy to the upper layers of the skin, this light energy slightly heats the layers of the skin. This heat energy, which is gradually absorbed by the skin layers in the targeted areas, triggers the collagen production of the existing cells and makes the skin look tighter than the first application.

It is being used effectively in
 Areas that are open to environmental factors such as the face, décolleté area, upper hand, and neck area.
 Skin tightening processes In removing fine wrinkles
 Skin tone equalization
 The treatment of sunspot, age spots or birthmarks
 The treatment of rosacea (Red cheek) acne treatment
 The treatment of cracked capillaries

Anyone who wants to get rid of skin problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, rosacea, acne, capillary cracks on their skin can have the BBL Forver Young treatment.
People with tanned skin due to sun or solarium should wait for their skin to return to its natural color in order to benefit from the treatment. It is not recommended for use by pacemakers, pregnant women and people with skin cancer.

 For those who sunbathe in 4-6 weeks
 For those who enter the solarium
 Pregnant women
 Those who use blood thinners

 For those with active infection and inflammation of the skin

BBL treatment can stop skin aging. As a result of clinical studies conducted at Stanford University for 10 years, BBL Forever Young has been proven to stop skin aging. In addition, clinical studies have proven that patients look 10 years younger than their real age.

As the skin tissue undergoes environmental destruction, the DNA structure in the tissue deteriorates and as a result of this deterioration, degenerative problems such as wrinkles, signs of aging and spots occur on the skin. Since the main goal of BBL treatment is to renew the 1293 gene structure in the damaged DNA, it leaves a lasting effect. As a result of clinical studies, it has been observed that regular BBL treatment reduces the long-term signs of aging on the skin and delays the formation of new problems.

You will not feel pain or pain during the BBL treatment, which is a very comfortable application. It is a procedure that does not require local anesthesia.

Everything your skin needs!