Project Description

BBL Hero

Number of Sessions

2 -6

Application Time

15-60 min

Preserving the Outcome

Depends on the Treatment

Sensitivity period

1 Day

Return to Work



Fall &Winter

Delaying Aging is in Your Hand!

The beauty industry is now focusing on maintaining skin health at the cellular level. BBL hero, broadband light therapy, which has been used for a long time to correct genetic damages in aged skin, now has proven results as the most effective treatment of technology on the skin, much faster, more comfortably, in a much shorter time. In our youth, our skin is much tauter and smoother. The ability to renew itself is effective at these ages. With the aging process, this mechanism of the skin begins to slow down, and the skin becomes paler and rougher. This is where the BBL technology comes into play and reactivates this slowing mechanism in the skin. By improving the skin’s self-renewal process, it both reverses your skin age and protects the skin against the effects of aging. Scientific studies show that BBL is effective in recreating the vitality of young skin by treating genetic damage in aged skin.

Before& after

BBL (broadband light), which means broadband light in Turkish, is a special FDA-approved light source for skin rejuvenation and genetic regeneration. BBL, which gives light between 420 – 1400 nm, aims to destroy brown spots on the skin, capillary damage and using the wavelength required in the treatment of rosacea, a skin problem. It provides astrong antiaging effect in short time by starting the skin’s self-renewal process, and it provides the opportunity to use this effect not only on our face but also in all parts of our body.

  • Forever young + (planned treatment for face, neck and décolleté)
  • Forever body (program for the rest of the body)
  • Cristal clear (acne treatment and controlling oily skin)
  • Bare BBL hero (BBL hair removal technique.)

 Corrects damaged skin
 Reduces fine lines on the skin
 It tightens the skin.
 Shrinks pores
 Reduces age spots
 Repairs damage from the sun
 Reduces scars
 Helps with laser and other treatments
 Can be used with fractional laser
 Does not interact with dermal fillers and botulinum toxin (safe)
 Provides care for healthy skin
 Increases collagen and elastin production
 Delays skin aging

The number of sessions varies according to the needs of your skin and the necessity of the treatment by our physicians. Initially, 1-3 sessions are recommended, and it is appropriate to have 3-4 weeks between sessions. Preventive treatment should be at least 3 to 6 months apart. The procedure does not require any anesthesia, it is painless. You can quickly return to daily life.

It is preferred for removal of fine wrinkles, rejuvenation of the skin, equalization of color tone, elimination of pregnancy
cracks, tightening of the neck and décolleté, correction of saggy and loose abdomen.

For those who sunbathe in last 4 to 6 weeks
 For those who enter the solarium
 For women who are pregnant
 For those who are using blood thinners
 For those with active infection and inflammation of the skin

The patient should stay away from the sun for at least 3 weeks, use sunscreen, and avoid contact with water on the day of the procedure.

Everything your skin needs!