Project Description

Collagen Vaccine
Regain elasticity and shine to your skin!

With the effect of the aging process and various environmental factors, deterioration in skin quality begins over time. Loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid causes the skin to lose its natural color and look dull and dry. Salmon DNA is the subcutaneous injection of polynucleotide DNA molecules and hyaluronic acid obtained from salmon sperms. When this special formula is injected into the skin, cell renewal is observed in the skin. Visible vitality, rejuvenation and brightness occur on the skin by reducing existing wrinkles.

Number of Sessions


Application Time

15-20 min

Preserving the Outcome

6 mounth


Local with creams

Return to Work


Expected Result

10-15 days

Restore Elasticity to Your Skin

Collagen is a protein molecule that plays an important role in the structure and elasticity of the skin. The most common types found in our skin are Type 1 and 3.
From the age of 25, collagen loss begins in our skin. Age, genetic factors, smoking, sun damage accelerate this process. At this point, the most frequently applied collagen vaccine comes into play. Collagen vaccine is an anti-aging application that we do by diluting type 1 powder collagen with physiological saline and injecting it a few millimeters below the skin.

  • Repair and regeneration of the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body
  • Increasing skin elasticity,
  • Reduction of wrinkles,
  • Reduction of acne and scars,
  • Restoring the natural beauty of the skin,
  • Abdominal and hip tightening
  • Tightening of the upper arms and legs
  • Regeneration of dermis and connective tissue.
  • It is often preferred in cases such as taking precautions against the aging process.

To make the treatment result effective, it is recommended to perform 4 sessions with leaving gap of 2 weeks between the sessions. It is aimed to reduce the loss of collagen that may occur by repeating it every 6 months.