Project Description

Dermatology department provides services for diagnosis and treatment of all skin diseases. In dermatology, the diagnosis
is made by history, examination, and laboratory methods.

Fungal diseases, psoriasis (psoriasis), acne (acne), venereal diseases such as eczema, syphilis, gonorrhea, treatment of all sexually transmitted skin diseases, skin cancers (diagnosis and treatment of melanoma), birthmarks, hair loss, drug allergies, urticaria treatment and investigation of its causes, sun allergy and treatment, treatment of oral diseases, treatment of Bechet’s disease, aphthae, tongue fungus and other diseases, genetically transmitted skin diseases, warts, moles and molluscum, fungal diseases of the nails, nail thickening, Diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as ingrown toenails and other nail diseases, oily skin, dandruff can be arranged after a dermatological examination.

During the examination, the general appearance of the patient is evaluated, and a detailed skin examination is performed. The features of the existing lesion are evaluated. When necessary, support is obtained from diagnostic aids such as meatoscopic, wood lamp, and some laboratory methods. After the diagnosis is made, the most appropriate treatment is decided on a patient basis.