Project Description

It is a treatment that causes tissue destruction by freezing to destroy diseased tissues.

Gas to be used in tissue freezing is passed through a probe, causing the tip of the probe to become extremely cold. When this gas used in cooling is pushed up to the tip of the probe with the help of pressure, its volume suddenly increases and cools the tip of the probe while drawing heat from the surroundings. With the effect of cold, pure water inside and outside the cell becomes ice crystals and causes the death of the cell. In this application, cryogenic substances such as solid
carbon dioxide (dry ice) at -78.5°C, liquid nitrogen at -190°C, fluorocarbons and nitrous oxide are used. The cold application to the tissues is carried out with instruments called cryocothers made of silver or copper.

In which diseases can it be used?
 Papilloma (including genital papilloma),
 Sunspots,
 Epidermal cysts,
 Keloid,
 Cheilitis,
 Dermatofibroma,
 Severe acne,
 Ingrown nail,
It is used in the treatment of basal cell skin cancer.