Project Description

Hybrid Energy Legend-Pro

VoluDerm technology in Legend's skin rejuvenation platform is a unique technology proven in clinical trials to reduce signs
of aging and help skin regeneration. It is applied painlessly in a short time and does not require a healing process
Legend renews your skin surface and helps you rejuvenate.
It creates eye-catching results instantly and over time.
It acts like a natural filler.
It reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
It renews and tightens the skin surface.
It provides regression of scars left from acne.

VoluDerm technology, which is included in Legend’s skin rejuvenation platform, is an application that transfers Radio Frequency energy to the skin with micro-sized needles and thus triggers the natural healing and regeneration mechanism without damaging the skin. Thanks to this trigger, the skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. VoluDerm application helps to reduce wrinkles, renew the skin surface and create a lifting effect on your skin over time; it makes your skin tighter,tauter and fresher.

From the very first application, you will feel and observe a natural fullness on your skin. Of course, it is recommended

In general, a single application takes about 30 minutes, the applications are painless. Except for a slight redness on the skin after the application, no indication of the application is observed.

There is no need for a period of time to heal after the application because the radiofrequency application with micro needles does not cause any damage to the skin.

After the application, slight redness is seen on the skin.