Project Description


One of the most important developments in the world of aesthetic medicine in recent years is PbSerum treatment.
PbSerum is a product consisting of the harmonious combination of hyaluronic acid, which is frequently used in skin
regeneration, with 3 different enzymes. Enzymes are part of the human biological system that controls thousands of
different reactions in a normal healthy body. Each enzyme acts only on a particular substance and ensures the production
or destruction of that substance. In this sense, enzymes in the human body are produced in laboratories with extremely
high-quality standards by genetic bioengineering for use in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. There are 3
recombinant enzymes in Pb serum, namely collagenase, lipase and lyase produced in these laboratories.

The hyaluronic acid and enzymes contained in PbSerum work together for a near-perfect result by increasing the effectiveness of other substances by working in synergy, while providing individual efficacy. The hyaluronic acid in the product allows the enzymes to disperse more easily in the tissue, increases the permeability of the tissue and together they show a much stronger tissue regeneration effect. The collagenase enzyme destroys the collagen in the aged, worn
and aged tissue and stimulates the production of new fresh collagen from them. The lyase enzyme in the product also increases the permeability in the tissue and reduces edema. In addition, the lipase enzyme, which dissolves the fat in the product, enters the fat cell where excess fat accumulates, causing fat destruction and reducing the volume of the adipose tissue.

Burns and scars
 Post-operative scars
 acne scars
 Cellulite, orange peel appearance
 Regional excess fat
 skin rejuvenation
 skin tightening

In these problems, different forms of PbSerum products are preferred. Your doctor decides which form will be used in
which session by evaluating the tissue according to the development of the treatment. The effects are on the 2nd-7th days
depending on the situation. begins to appear daily. Depending on the area to be treated, 2-6 sessions can be performed
with 2–3-week intervals. For some patients, a single session is sufficient.

There are 3 different types of Pbserum treatment selected according to the condition to be treated. Although the content is the same in all products, there are 3 pbserum types as HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW according to the enzyme concentration they contain.
PB Serum HIGH: This form, which contains a higher amount of collagenase enzyme, is mostly used in the treatment of various scars such as wounds, burns and acne. It is also used to smooth the skin surface in the treatment of bands that create an orange peel-like depressed appearance on the skin in the treatment of cellulite.
PB Serum MEDIUM: Medium type is preferred when it is desired to reduce/reduce adipose tissue since it contains a higher amount of lipase enzyme. Double chin melting provides very successful results in reducing excess fat in the arms, legs and abdomen, either alone or when used in combination with other technologies that provide regional thinning.
PB Serum LOW: All 3 enzymes are equally present in this variety. PbSerum low, which is most preferred especially in the treatment of under-eye bags, is also a product used to tighten and renew the skin in sagging neck, laptop and armpits.

The area to be treated is determined, the skin is drawn with a marker pen. In order to reduce the feeling of pain that may occur during the procedure, anesthetic cream is applied to the area and waited. Meanwhile, the enzyme solution is prepared. Pbserum is applied with the help of fine-tipped needles or cannula. The application lasts for 15-20 minutes and social life can be resumed immediately after.

PB serum has no known side effects, but mild redness, tenderness and edema can be expected after the procedure, which may last for 3-4 days.