Project Description


Pressotherapy is a special pressure therapy and regional slimming method. It accelerates blood circulation with lymph drainage method, provides regional slimming and detox.

Number of Sessions


Application Time

30 min

Session Interval

Twice in a Week



Return to Work



All Season

A kind of clothing used in Pressotherapy application, which covers our body, applies pressure with the help of a special computer on the pressure points in the hips, arms and abdomen, starting from our feet. It affects the vein and lymph circulation under the skin, thanks to a special set of vacuums and pumps known as the Pressotherapy device in the garment. The pressure points used in the Pressotherapy treatment apply intermittent pressure to accelerate the circulation of muscle tissue, veins and lymph under the skin. During the treatment, the pressure is first applied from the foot and continues to rise in the form of calf, leg, hip, abdomen and chest.

On average, a session takes 30 minutes. For regional slimming, it should be applied once a week for at least 2 months.

 It provides regional slimming, weight loss and slimming.
 It is an effective detox cure. It has rejuvenating properties.
 It supports the treatment of varicose veins by accelerating the blood circulation in the capillaries and lymphatic
 It treats the accumulation of water and fat in the leg and hip area caused by excess weight.
 It provides cellulite treatment by shaping the legs.
 It enables the skin and parts with regional weights to receive more oxygen and accelerates the regional
 It ensures the tension and vitality of the skin.