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What are skin cracks (striae)?
Linear atrophic (thin) looking bands are common in the community. It develops due to damage to the lower layer of the skin (dermis) because of stretching of the skin. They occur most often during adolescence, during rapid growth, during pregnancy, and during rapid and rapid expansion of body areas such as rapid weight gain. This is a condition that does not cause a medical problem but is cosmetically disturbing.

Where are skin cracks most common?
Skin cracks are seen in areas of the body where skin tension is high. These areas are the abdomen and chest region during pregnancy, and the hip and back region during adolescence. Apart from this, they can occur in any part of the body due to excessive and rapid weight gain and long-term use of cortisone.

How do cracks appear?
When skin cracks first appear, they are like a red-purple line. Over time, these lines become whiter and less pronounced. It is usually a few cm long and 1-10 mm wide.

Is it possible to treat skin cracks?
Skin cracks often cause cosmetic problems. The aim of the treatment is to make the cracks cosmetically less obvious and less visible. There is no miraculous treatment that will restore cracked skin to a completely normal skin appearance.

How are cracks treated?
The methods used in the treatment of stretch marks stimulate collagen in the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, and trigger elastin synthesis. For this purpose, various creams, chemical peeling, derma pen, PRP, needle radiofrequency devices and various lasers, mesotherapy and enzyme therapy can be used. Recently, especially the combination of fractional lasers, SMOOTH laser and needle radiofrequency with PRP have been the most preferred treatments due to
their successful results.