Project Description

Why does the stain occur?
In various disease states or as a result of external factors, an increase in melanocyte cells and/or an increase in the amount of melanin pigment causes the formation of regional lesions called skin spots.

What are the types of skin spots and the factors that trigger skin spots?
Among the most common skin spots are melasma (sunspot), age spots, freckles, birthmarks, and spots caused by certain diseases. Besides these skin problems and sun exposure, other factors that cause spots include:

– pregnancy
– Genetic predisposition
– Advanced age
– Certain medications and hormone therapy
– Processes such as waxing, epilation, peeling made in the summer months
– Smoking
– Using the wrong cosmetic product

How to treat skin blemishes?
Before the spot treatment is done, the cause of the spot should be evaluated by a dermatologist and the triggering factors should be eliminated. Depending on the skin structure of the person and the condition of the stain, the methods applied to the person may vary. Often, a single method is not sufficient for spot treatments, so it can be used in combination. These methods should also be supported with sunscreens and antioxidant supplements.

What are Spot Treatments?
Various laser systems, IPL, dermapen, PRP, mesotherapy, enzymatic and chemical peels, cryotherapy, gold needle radiofrequency devices and various creams can be used separately or together in spot treatment.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is one of the most commonly used methods in the treatment of skin blemishes. While the pigment cells are renewed by absorbing the laser beams, other cells are not affected by these rays. However, care should be taken to apply laser treatment carefully to dark-colored or tanned people. Besides the stained areas, other dark areas may also be affected by laser beams.The appropriate laser method is selected according to the type and location of the stain. Q switched Nd:YAG and KTPcan be used alone or in combination in the treatment of Fractional Er:Yag stains.

IPL Treatment
With the IPL tool, the spots on the skin are removed without peeling the skin. After the application, first a darkening is observed in the color of the stain, then crusting occurs and this crust falls off within 10-15 days. On average, 1-3 sessions are done.

It is a micro-needling method that makes hundreds of microscopic punctures on the skin surface with a device with many millimeter needles at the tip of the Dermapen, thus initiating the skin’s own natural healing mechanism. Then PRP and mesotherapy products can also be applied to the skin. The number and frequency of sessions are determined by the doctor.

It is the treatment performed by injecting the platelet-rich plasma part prepared with the patient’s own blood and carried by the blood circulation, to the area to be treated by microinjection. Platelets are blood elements that contain growth factors. PRP renews the skin through these growth factors and the regenerated skin is brightened and revitalized.

Mesotherapy is a treatment method that is applied by injecting stain lightening and antioxidant effective substances under the skin with fine needles. It is important to strengthen and improve the skin texture in order to prevent the recurrence of the stain. For this, special mesotherapy products containing vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid are also applied as a follow-up treatment.

Dermamelan – Cosmelan
Dermamelan and Cosmelan are a kind of enzyme peeling that suppresses the formation of spots by reducing the amountof melanin in the skin, especially effective in the treatment of melasma and spots caused by sun exposure. It suppresses an enzyme called tyrosinase, which plays an active role in the mechanism that causes the skin color to turn dark in certain areas. As a result of the suppression of this enzyme, the formation of melanin in the skin decreases, the color of the
darkened parts of the skin is lightened, and effective treatment of the spots resulting from this is provided.

Chemical Peel
The chemical peeling process suppresses the pigment synthesis of the pigment-producing cells by gently peeling the top layer of the skin. It also increases the synthesis of collagen, which triggers the regeneration of cells. It is more effective on superficial stains.

It is one of the most common and most preferred methods in solar lentigo and seborrhoic keratosis.

Gold needle radiofrequency devices
With the help of an innovative technology and a gold needle-tipped device, it is among the methods that can be used to heal the skin and regain a renewed skin from spots. Combining it with mesotherapy and prp treatment increases its effectiveness.

Blemish Lightening Creams
Blemish lightening creams prevent the production of melanin in the cells. The most important issue for those who want to use spot lightening cream for sunspot or spot treatment is that they do not apply any treatment to their skin without an examination. Using products that are not suitable for the skin or laser and chemical peeling treatments not performed by specialist dermatologists may cause more stains.