Project Description

TESLA FORMER 50,000 Squats or Sits in 30 Minutes!

How about doing 50,000 Squats or sit-ups in 30 minutes?
It is possible to do more than 50,000 sit-ups, squats, sit-ups or any muscle exercise you can think of in 30 minutes with
Tesla Former, which will work the muscles both isometrically and isotonicly, that is, it will enable you to burn fat while
building muscle, and to achieve the appearance you desire in a short time.

Number of Sessions


Application Time

30 min

Session Interval

Twice a week



Return to Work



All Season

Like exercise, it triggers motoric nerves and stimulates muscle contraction. It helps to shape the body at the desired level by giving the feeling of high-intensity training. Tesla Former, which is used to strengthen muscles in the abdomen, hips, legs, arms and pelvic floor areas thanks to the specially developed Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology, burns fat and shapes the body while structuring the muscles.

Tesla Former is not preferred for weight loss. It is preferred for regional thinning, increasing muscle mass and burning fat.

Redness, pain, edema, etc. after the procedure. undesirable situations. It gives a massage feeling.

The use of Tesla Former is used to lift the buttocks, shape the legs, core therapy, straighten the poster, and define your abdominal muscles.

It is a painless procedure