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What is excessive sweating?
Sweating is a natural phenomenon that allows the body to maintain its balance according to the ambient temperature, that is, it regulates the body temperature, and it works against our will. Sweating, which is common especially in hot weather, disturbs the person and the people around him when it is excessive. Excessive sweating that is above normal is called hyperhidrosis. Although excessive sweating can be partially reduced with most personal care, it often does not prevent it completely. Excessive sweating, which is frequently seen in the hands, feet, armpits, and face, negatively affects the social life of the person.

What are the causes of excessive sweating?
Excessive sweating can be the result of any disease such as overwork of the thyroid gland, obesity, adrenal gland diseases, diabetes, heart attack, cancers, stress, psychiatric diseases, as well as drugs or hormones used in the treatment of some diseases can cause excessive sweating. . Apart from these, excessive activity of the sympathetic system, which is seen in a small part of the society, causes this problem. This is a congenital problem and the cause is not yet known. It shows excessive activity in situations such as boredom, stress, fear, excitement.

How is excessive sweating treated?
Excessive sweating can be treated with some medications, psychotherapy, iontophoresis, Botox injection, laser application and surgery.

How is Botox injection done?
First, a small test is done to understand the places where sweat glands are found. Iodine solution is applied to the sweating areas where the patient complains. After waiting for a while, starch is applied. If it takes on a dark purple color, there are more sweat glands in that area. More Botox is applied here. Botox application is very practical and takes about 15-20 minutes. Botox is injected into the area with excessive sweating with a fine-tipped insulin injector. The procedure is extremely simple, and the effects are seen 2 to 10 days after the procedure. Underarm sweating is reduced by 80 percent.