Project Description

  • Trusculpt ID

Special Shape of Body for you

This device, which achieved effective results in resistant fatty areas despite diet and exercise, showed an average of 24% fat reduction. With this FDA-approved device, you can intervene in several areas at the same time and see a great effect in a short time and in a single session.

Number of Sessions


Application Time

15 min

Session Interval

Single Session



Return to Work



All Season

 Trim stubborn areas
 Can easily treat large and small areas
 Treat more than one area simultaneously

Protocols suitable for desired results
 Flexible treatment
 Unique approach to treat different oil densities, loose skin and all skin types

The feeling of discomfort is minimal
 Does not interfere with social life at all
 Normal daily activities are resumed immediately

Optimized energy delivery and heating increase selective apoptosis of subcutaneous adipose tissue. On average, 24% fat cells are irreversibly broken down. Fat cells are removed in a period of 12 weeks and are naturally removed from the body.

After the application, there will be a slight redness and warmth in the treated area for a short time.

During the TruSculpt iD procedure, a feeling of feeling like having a hot stone massage is described. During the treatment, the temperature of your skin will rise a little, but this will not cause discomfort. It is effective, safe and results are even and consistent.

Multiple areas can be treated in as little as a session of approximately 15 minutes.

It can be applied to the jowl, abdomen, waist, hip, arm and leg areas.

It maintains its permanence if you pay attention to your lifestyle and diet.